Preschool Registration - Now open for the '23-'24 school year!

Windom Area Schools is pleased to announce that Bridges Preschool is now accepting registrations for the 3 and 4 year-old classes for the 2023-24 school year! Bridges Preschool is dedicated to educating children socially, emotionally and academically as they prepare for success in Kindergarten and beyond. Please call Bridges Preschool to register: 507-832-8746 or email

Update May 15, 2023:

Age 4 - Waiting list open

Age 3 - Waiting list open

Interpretación disponible bajo pedido. Por favor llame a Antonio al 507-831-6910 ext. 311 or email:

Please note: All current Bridges 3s students will be automatically enrolled for next year's 4s program and do not need to register again. Please notify the Highland Early Learning Center if your plans for next year will change. A full enrollment packet will be sent to families in the mail in mid-August.


Welcome to the Highland Early Childhood Center!

We are located at 68 10th St. in Windom. There are a variety of programs offered here to promote healthy development for young children.  These include:


Bridges Preschool

Welcome to Bridges Preschool!  We offer an exciting preschool experience for three and four-year-olds.  Check out the programs below to learn more.

Three-Year-Old Program

Four-Year-Old Program

  • Bridges for 3s meets two days a week from 7:45-10:45 or 12:00-3:00.  Tuition is $115 per quarter. 

  • Bridges for 4s meets every day from 7:45-10:45 or 12:00-3:00.  Tuition is $175 per quarter.

  • We have many scholarships available to help with preschool expenses. 



Windom ECFE has been providing parent and child experiences for parents and their children from birth to age 5 (not yet in Kindergarten) since 1988.

There are many ways to be involved with ECFE:

  • Infant Class (birth to walking)          

  • Family Classes (1-5 years old)

  • Special Family Events

Our special family events are open to anyone with young children.  You do not have to be enrolled in a class to participate.

Fall 2023 Newsletter

ECFE Calendar 2023-24

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Early Childhood Screening

Early Childhood Screening is a free and simple check of how your child is growing, developing and learning. Screening at 3 is preferred, but a child may be screened between the ages of 3 and the start of kindergarten as required by law.

What to expect at a screening appointment:

A trained professional will check:

• Vision and hearing

• Height and weight

• Immunizations (shots)

• Large and small muscles

• Thinking, language and communication skills

• Social and emotional development

This screening may help you link to other free learning opportunities, such as pre-kindergarten programming, Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE), Minnesota early learning scholarships for high quality care and education, Head Start, Home Visiting, and Early Childhood Special Education.

Early Childhood Screening Parent Video

Video para padres sobre la evaluación de la primera infancia


Find out more about your child's development!